Diamond Botanical Garden, St. Lucia

The Diamond Botanical Gardens is a fun half day excursion in  Soufriere, St. Lucia.  Many tour companies combine this excursion with other excursions in a single day. When we visited here little Lana was almost two years old and Mama Nellie was six months pregnant.  We also traveled with Grandma and Grandpa and everyone had an easy time venturing through the gardens.

If driving to the Botanical Gardens on your own, the entrance is the big green gate on the right.  The entrance is unassuming and I though it was a service entrance but nevertheless it was the main entrance.  There are peddlers there to welcome you and tell you where you can park. Just park anywhere near the green gate. The peddlers will try to sell you their goods on the way back to your car.

The main entrance is the left opening to the brown gate with the green sign

Diamond Botanical Gardens Price List

The Diamond Botanical Gardens is fairly small and stroller friendly.  You can probably see the entire site in under an hour.  If you opt for the mineral bath you can still complete the Gardens in under two hours.  We decided to skip the mineral bath as it was just a plain square looking hot tub next to the bathroom. We had a better hot tub at our resort. It would be nice if it had some kind of ambiance to it; like placing it somewhere in the jungle surrounded by trees so it had a more natural feel. It kind of looked like the hot tubs at the YMCA.

Underwhelming hot tubs on the main walking path to falls.  The right side walkway is the only path leading to the falls so expect some visitors while hanging out in the bath.

The Diamond Falls is just a short walk to the back of the gardens.  If you were to walk straight to the back without stopping I would say its about an eight to ten minute walk.  It’s a beautiful little waterfall.  You can climb down the small lookout to get close to the falls but you can’t swim in it.

Refreshments and souvenirs are available inside the Diamond Botanical Gardens

Price list for snacks and drinks

Beautiful Diamond Falls


I would definitely recommend this as a pit stop will visiting Soufriere. You can squeeze in the Sulphur Springs, Dasheen Restaurant in Ladera Resort (most amazing view of the Pitons), Sugar Beach, Toraille Falls or Ans Chastanet which are all a 10-15 min drive to each other.

See some beautiful shots in the Diamond Botanical Gardens

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