Hiking With Baby: Constitution Marsh

Cold Spring, New York is a hot bed for beautiful nature hikes just a close drive from New York City.  The town of Cold Spring itself, nestled on the banks of the Hudson River and known for its many historical buildings, shopping and dining is an excellent place to unwind after a fun day of hiking.

One of our favorite hikes to take baby in Cold Spring is the Constitution Marsh Sanctuary.  It offers a short, easy to moderate hike with one of the most rewarding views you can possibly behold in the Hudson Valley.  A slight 20 minute detour can also take you to an amazing hidden waterfall, Indian Brook Falls.  I think total hike time including Indian Brook Falls was about two hours.  We took the poochie mama in our Osprey Poco Plus Child Carrier.

We start our hike from the Constitution Marsh Audubon Center parking area.  To the left of this sign is the Indian Brook Falls trail and to the right of the sign is the Constitution Marsh trail.  The Indian Brook Falls Trail is a short and rewarding trail leading to a really beautiful falls at the end.  The hike to the falls and back to the parking area should take about 20-30 minutes.  We decided to do the falls first.

As you head left from the parking area towards the falls you will pass underneath this bridge early on the trail.

Notice the bridge just behind us now.    You see the little stream to the right of us?  Follow that stream to the falls.  There is a pretty steep but short decent at this point to get along side the stream.

Behind me and to the left is the short but steep decent.  Make sure you are wearing good shoes. The top of the tunnel and land bridge behind me is where we came from and where the last picture was taken from.

Once at the bottom just follow the stream another five minutes until you reach the falls.

Here we are approaching the Indian Brook Falls.  You can hop the rocks to get close but be careful of the moss on the rocks which can make stepping on them slippery.

The falls are deceivingly large.  I didn’t realize how big it really was until I got in front of it.

The beautiful Indian Brook Falls is definitely not to be missed when visiting Constitution Marsh

As we headed back past the parking area and to the right of the sign we follow an easy trail marked by blue blazes heading down toward the marsh

As we get lower and closer you begin to get amazing views of the marsh through the trees

As you near the bottom the trail begins to ascend.  A short stair-like climb up rocks takes you to the top of a hill.

The top of the hill gives you amazing high vantage points of the marsh.

If you want to take five there’s a really nice wooden bench facing the marsh.  For some reason it reminds me of Forest Gump.

Just a little bit further and you reach the end of the blue blaze trail and are greeted with this sign.  The next few steps will leave you to one of the most breathtaking scenes you’ll find in New York.

Here is the boardwalk entrance to the Constitution Marsh.  The marsh is lined with this boardwalk giving you a fun walking trail with numerous different vantage points to view the surrounding area.

It was such a spectacular sight.  Pictures really don’t do it justice.

The boardwalk winds in and out out of the marsh.  There are pit stops with amazing views and some educational signs about the local wildlife and area.

The boardwalk is fun and easy to navigate.  The height is just at the water’s level.

Mama Nellie and Uncle Joe leisurely enjoying the marsh

Taking a break on a floating dock where kayakers can tie up to.

Another scenic outlook on the boardwalk

I still had a bit of energy so I flew back to the car

After our hike we went to the town of Cold Spring to have a late lunch

Just behind the trolley is the Hudson River waterfront where we went to grab some ice cream after dinner

The street is lined with shops and restaurants

There are numerous antique stores as well

Cold Spring is known for it’s many restored buildings as well

Stopping at Moo Moo’s Creamery is a must

Finally relaxed by the water front watching boats float by

Little Lana loved it.  Most especially the ice cream.  This is her “Do we have to go home?” face. Lol.

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