Niagara Falls, Canada

Little Lana’s very first trip out of the country was to Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.  We drove up to Canada from New York City which was about a 7 hour drive.  Our poochie mama was still a tiny little infant and we were lucky enough that she slept for most of the ride.  Entering the Canada border by car, you do not need a passport for children under 15.  You do however need their birth certificate to prove citizenship, which we furnished to the border officer.

The Canada side of Niagara Falls is more developed with numerous more hotels and shopping in the area.  The Canada side of the falls also offers a more spectacular view facing Horseshoe Falls and American Falls.

We stayed at the Marriott Fallsview Hotel which sits directly in front of Horseshoe Falls and has the most breathtaking view of all of Niagara Falls.  We arrived Friday night just in time to catch the firework show from our hotel room window.

Mama Nellie sippin her Starbucks watching the pretty lights in the falls.  There is a Starbucks stand in the Marriott lobby which closes early so I had to walk a block away to an actual Starbucks storefront to get our drinks.

The fireworks show usually happens on Friday and Saturday nights.  We caught it just in time in our room.

Sunrise view of the falls

It’s about a 10 minute walk from the Marriott Fallsview Hotel to the promenade next to the falls

Keep a good grip on the stroller on your way down the hill.  You’re going to have to come down this way from the hotel area.

The promenade has gorgeous picturesque views of the falls but practically no shade on the promenade itself.  Luckily there is also a park with plenty of trees to hang out under right next to you.

I believe this is called American Falls.  The Poochie Mama was just a little peanut then.

Close up of the American Falls

The main attraction: Horseshoe Falls is such a spectacular sight.

Another beautiful view of Horseshoe falls

You can catch a tour ride next to the falls but prepare to get wet.  Notice how small the boat looks compared to the falls.

One of the many trees next to the promenade to hide under on a hot summer day.  There is also a nice park across the street with a beautiful garden.

The Britax travel system stroller did a good job of keeping the sun away from Lana while still staying ventilated through the mesh window

There are many food and games on Clifton Hill near the Niagara Sky Wheel

The Niagara Sky Wheel is fully enclosed 

This was little Lanas first ferris wheel ride!

Amazing aerial view of the falls from the Sky Wheel

Grandma and Grandpa strolling through the park on our way back from the Skywheel

We’re on our way to the revolving Dining Room on top of the Skylon Tower

The revolving dining room is truly Niagara’s ultimate dining experience.  Don’t confuse it with the buffet which is located downstairs.

You get one of the best views of the falls while dining here

Here is one of my favorite views of Horseshoe falls.  Little Lana was not impressed and just wanted nappy time

As the dining room revolves you get amazing views of the city and the Niagara Sky Wheel

Here is a zoomed in shot of Horseshoe falls from the dining room

The day we had to head back we made one last stop on Center Street and Clifton Hill for more shopping and to have lunch.  It was a fun end to an unforgettable weekend

Lana was sleeping and I didn’t want to wake her up just for this picture.  It was a memorable weekend for our poochie mama’s first trip out of the country!

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