Packing Tips To Travel Like A Pro

Luggage is probably the most inconvenient part about traveling.  Although if you pack like a pro you can minimize the amount of bags you need to bring making traveling a comfy breeze.  Here are some tips that can avoid some some potential headaches on your voyage.

#1 Choose the right bags for your voyage – Don’t use larger bags than you need.  Keeping your load compact and maneuverable will get you where you have to be faster (Especially when you’re carrying extra bags for baby). There’s nothing worse than finding out your last piece of luggage won’t fit in the trunk of that Mini Cooper taxi cab.  When purchasing a bag pay attention to the bags weight and what kind of wheels they have.  I prefer 4 wheeled luggage because I can tilt and pull, as well as stand and push, my luggage.  Make sure you purchase lightweight bags because the bags weight is considered when weighed at check in.

#2 Minimize the amount of bags you use – If you can share a bag with baby or your significant other, by all means do it.  Less bags equals less hassle.  It will also save you money and aggravation from being hounded by aggressive porters when you go overseas.  When traveling with baby keep into account that you will have extra space after using up your disposables (diapers, food, lotion bottles, etc) so if you need a bit of space for bringing back souvenirs you’ll have it.  If you can use just enough bags that will fit in your hands then you’re golden.

#3 Roll your clothes – Rolling your clothes is the best way to fit more gear into your bags and luggage.  It also helps prevent wrinkling while in your bag.  Just make sure you pay attention to the bags weight because you’ll be able to cram a lot more into that bag.

#4 Separate your liquids – Make sure your liquids are triple bagged and separated from your clothes.  Bag handlers are not exactly gentle with your bags and there is a chance for your liquids to come open.  I usually put them in the same bag with my snorkel gear, baby toys, extra shoes or flip-flops; basically with anything that can be easily washed.  Some larger bags have special compartments with plastic leak proof liners just for liquids.

#5 Make sure baby’s necessities are not checked in – Make sure you have all of babies’ necessities with you including your first aid kit, extra baby clothes, diapers and anything you may need in an emergency.  This is especially important if you have connecting flights with long layovers.

#6 Luggage Tags – Don’t forget your luggage tags.  You can’t imagine how many bags I see on the belt with no information on them.  If you don’t have one at the airport some airlines provide one at check in.

Grandpa’s TIP – Use square luggage – Grandpa says square luggage stack better on carts.  While both of my large luggage are duffel type luggage, I have to say he might be right with this one.

When you pack like a pro you can surely make travel easy.  If you have tips you’d like share let us know in the comment section below.  Happy travels!

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