Pigeon Island, St. Lucia

You get a lot for your admission into Pigeon Island National Park.  Pigeon Island has it all; nature, ruins, hill tops, magnificent views, a fort, and a beautiful secluded beach, all on private grounds away from annoying peddlers.

Pigeon Island is set in the northern section of Gros Islet, St. Lucia.  The entrance is just past Sandals Resort in Gros Islet.  People staying at Sandals can easily make the 5 minute walk up the block to the Pigeon Island main gate.

Navigating Pigeon Island is pretty easy.  There is only one main trail that runs next to the water up to the fort (although take some time to explore the ruins in the open field directly in front of the gate).

There Beautiful Ruins at the bottom of Pigeon Island

Weddings and Events can be booked in these beautiful ruins

It’s possible to take a stroller 75% up the way to the base of the fort (which we did) but if you don’t have pneumatic wheels it is going to be a bumpy ride to the top.  Once at the base of the fort you can take turns climbing up the ramp going to the top of the fort while someone waits with baby.  The ramp going up the fort is very short and you can get to the top and back down in 15-20 minutes.

Its a short walk up this ramp to the top of the fort.  Mama Nellie was 6 months pregnant and made it up easily

Here is a view with the fort at the top

A view of the entire Pigeon Island from the fort.  The high hill in the top left corner is the second lookout point.  There’s a moderate trail to the top of that lookout.

Opposite the fort is a taller hill with an amazing vantage point and lookout.  It is a  tougher climb with a bit of rock scrambling on the way to the top.  It’s manageable for any average person and grandpa made it up and down without a problem but your definitely not going to be able to go up with baby.  Grandpa made it to the top and back to the base of the fort in about 30 minutes.  I definitely recommend not skipping this second hill.  The view at the top was absolutely amazing and one of a kind.

Make sure you bring plenty of water for everyone.  You can purchase bottles of water at the site.

Once you’ve had your fill of the gorgeous views you can make your way to the private beach at the bottom.  There is plenty of shade all over the beach from the surrounding trees.  Don’t forget to bring your snorkels.  There isn’t any coral but there are plenty of fish near the jetties and huge schools a little further past the jetties toward the ocean.

The variety of things to do made Pigeon Island one of my favorite excursions in St. Lucia.  Best of all it was private, serene and full of fun!

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