Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey

Of the all the big amusement beaches on the Jersey shore, Point Pleasant Beach and the Jenkinson’s Boardwalk is the northern most, making it easily accessible to many New Yorkers.  The next closest big amusement beach (and also more famous) is Seaside Heights just a short 20 minute car ride away (Although in my opinion Point Pleasant is more family friendly).

The Jenkinson’s Boardwalk is a sure hit for the kids for a day of fun activities right on the beach.  The crowd here is mostly families with kids of all ages.  The Jenkinson’s Boardwalk is packed with amusement rides, carnival games, mini golf, arcades a fun house and even an aquarium.  There are also numerous souvenir shops and a plethora of food options right on the boardwalk.

If you have a babysitter on hand and would like to unwind for a moment the popular Tiki Bar is an excellent spot to catch some music and drinks right on the beach.

Check out the official Jenkinson’s Boardwalk website to see a list of events.

Like most New Jersey beaches there is a charge to get on the beach.  Prices at Point Pleasant Beach are currently $8 for adults ages 12 and up and $2 for kids up to 11 years old.  Weekend prices are a dollar more.  If you plan on staying for a while you can also purchase full or half season passes to the beach at any beach station.

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