Seaside Heights, New Jersey

While Seaside Heights, New Jersey was one of the worst hit beach towns when Super Storm Sandy hit it is still one of the most popular beach destinations on the New Jersey Shore.  Made widely popular in the mid 90s when MTV spent two summers broadcasting from the beach town and then again from the hit MTV show Jersey Shore, Seaside Heights has gained a reputation for being one of the funnest beach attractions in New Jersey.

Seaside Heights is definitely a great deal of fun for the kids, although there is also a small but unwanted aspect of seediness that is associated with this beach town.  It’s definitely not “scared for your life; be gone before sun down” or “Coney Island” but it’s noticeably there.

You’ll also notice as the sun goes down and as the night carries on, the growing number intoxicated 20-30 year olds that stumble out of the nearby clubs and bars and on to the boardwalk.

Yet, the days are still super fun and I thoroughly enjoy Seaside at every visit.  It boasts a water park, two large amusement piers (which are still currently being rebuilt), numerous games of chance, rides and plenty of boardwalk food for the family.

Like most New Jersey Beaches, you have to pay to get on the beach.  Daily beach tags cost $5 for adults and free for children under 12 years old.

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