Tips For Speeding Through Airport Security

When passing through airport security there’s always that person who’s not ready at the x-ray, trying to finish their bottle of Gatorade that they forgot was in their backpack or something or the other.  The only thing worse than being behind that person is being that person.  I’m so drill sergeant at airport security it sometimes sends Nellie on edge.  There’s nothing wrong with being efficient though, right?

Well anyways, when traveling with baby I have a very specific outline as to what’s going to go down at airport security.  Firstly, I only carry on what me and Nellie can easily manage with just the two of us.  That’s usually stroller, diaper bag, 2 backpacks, 1 carry on luggage (if needed) and, of course, baby.  First, baby is already out of the stroller before we get to the x-ray.  I let Nellie go ahead with baby and I send the stroller in the x-ray first then the diaper bag and backpacks and then the luggage last.  Once I make it past the metal detecter I grab the stroller out of the x-ray belt and open it.  Nellie puts baby in the stroller, puts on her backpack and grabs the luggage.  I throw the diaper bag in the back of the stroller, put on my backpack and stroll away. In and out just as the next person is waiting for their bag to come out of the x-ray machine.

I walk to the back to finish up putting on my shoes or other items of clothing I had to take off (depending which airport your in)

Some airports have separate lines for men and women in which Nellie would go with her backpack and baby.  I would take the stroller, my backpack, diaper bag and luggage.  First I would have the diaper bag sitting on top of the luggage strapped to the pull out handle so its ready to go right in the x-ray.  I put the stroller in first, then the luggage with baby bag still strapped on next and then my backpack (if you wait to put the stroller in last the person behind you will put their bags in after your bags while your folding your stroller 90% of the time).  I then pass through the metal detector, throw my bag on my back, grab my luggage/diaper bag combo, unfold my stroller and roll away to the back just in time to meet up with Nellie.  Bada-bing, bada-bang.

Hopefully this will help you one day when your late at the airport and have 30 mins to get to the gate.  Don’t worry it’s ok to let the drill sergeant out every now and then

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