Traveling with baby to Coba Ruins, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Coba Ruins was an awesome experience. We were on the Carnival Dream cruise and decided to visit Coba Ruins when we stopped at the Cozumel port of call. The excursion cost ninety nine bucks per adult which includes transportation, sightseeing and snacks. We didn’t have to pay for Juliana since she was under 3 years old. I would recommend to wear comfortable sturdy shoes like hiking boots or sneakers, and carry insect repellant, water and sunscreen. The excursion was about 7 hours but well worth it for the gorgeous views on top of the Coba Ruins. I will admit it was a little scary climbing the Coba Ruins but a very rewarding experience.

Ship: Carnival Dream, Port of Call: Cozumel, Mexico – On our way to Coba Ruins, Riviera Maya Mexico

The view as we are walking off Cozumel dock

There are many shops and restaurants at Cozumel Port

We took a boat that took us from Cozumel to the mainland at Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

It was about an hour boat ride to Playa Del Carmen

Our arrival at Playa Del Carmen

On our way to catch the bus

There are beautiful beaches and resorts on Playa Del Carmen


Waiting on a line for the bus

Getting on the bus ;-)

It was about a two hour bus ride in an air-conditioned bus

This is the arrival area at Coba Ruins

The make shift walkway to the ruins entrance was a little challenging but definitely doable.

You had an option of whether to walk, bike or take a bike taxi…. we chose to walk ;-)

The Chicco Litway stroller was really rough in the Coba Ruins. We would recommend to take a stroller with pneumatic wheels like the Baby Jogger City Mini GT.

Numerous beautiful temples you can actually still walk on

Here’s an ancient Mayan stadium

The entire path connecting the temples are shaded nicely by trees

The Ergo Baby Carrier is always a must when traveling

The end of the path leads to one of the highest Mayan temples in the Yucatan

This temple was very intimidating! lol My poochie mama had to stay behind with grandma. There was no way I was taking her up this steep climb. Mommy was scared herself lol

Mama Nellie had to hold on to the rope to feel safe lol

Taking a break lol

The amazing view from the top of the ruin

YESSSSS We made it to the top of Coba Ruins, Riviera Maya, Mexico!

Now what goes up must come down lol I was carefully climbing down step by step :-/

Climbing back down to catch our bus.

There was a lot of deliberation on whether we should do this excursion or not.  Our main concern was how my little poochie mama would handle the total 3 hour bus ride and 2 hour boat ride.   The Coba Ruins turned out to be the highlight of our vacation and I would recommend it to anybody with kids at any age.

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